Shake it off, a fifteen minutes gift

by Mona Kino – March 2017

„How did you wake up today?“ Was your basic mood more like Beethoven, Mmy_inner_mozart_by_gesinegrotrianozart or Bach?“

Peter Hoeg asked us while we were standing barefoot with closed eyes in the seminar room. To be honest I didn´t like any of them too much to make a pick that day. Beethoven too dark, Mozart too light and Bach too genius. But while I was searching in my own inner music box from Abba to Zappa, Peter Hoeg added that most people wake up with one specific basic mood throughout their lives (or at least for longer periods in their lives) which are comparable to the works of these three musicians.
Ok, I thought, if there is no other choice I am brave and take the Beethoven, even though this choice will reveal that I am obviously hiding a drama queen inside me. But that’s one of the topics why I am attending this training: getting to know myself better and becoming more empathic with myself. I’ve never met too many people in my life who acted empathic towards me or others as I’ve never heard about many of such experiences in my friends, clients and colleagues lives. I think it is what today’s world lacks most:  Empathy. Even though many of are us using the word quite often. But more likely in the sense of compassion. As I realized  throughout the exercise that I started to like my Beethoven mood more and more Peter Hoeg instructed us with the next step of the exercise. We should shake the mood off from every part of our bodies to make space for the other moods, the lightness of Mozart and neutralism of Bach. And I thought, holy shit, that is what awareness is all about. I don´t have to label my moods, I don´t have to fight it nor take it with me throughout the day. I just have to realize it, feel it, take it just as the basic mood it is and shake it off. What a gift.

And now- now I am playing Diana Ross´s Upside down.

Illustration by Gesine Grotrian

Editing by Kerstin Schöps